EMS Buttocks Smart Trainer

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EMS Smart Hip Trainer Buttocks Lifting Muscle Building Waist Body Beauty Machine Makeup Massage Relaxation Device 
1. The ergonomic pad design gives the buttocks great adhesiveness.  
2. It imitates the professional massagist, so it's easy and convenient for you to use and try. 
3. This trainer can help tighten your hips and relax your muscles so that your buttocks can look more protruding, which is what you always want. 
4. It can raise the hip curve and make you have a glamorous figure. 
5. It is a tightened hip coach of the buttocks and a dedicated EMS training machine for exercising the hip line.  

Type: hips/buttocks trainer  
Patch: 260x210mm/10.2x8.2"(controller button spacing is 40mm/1.5")  
Controller: 80x65mm/3.1x2.5"(a set includes the controller and patch.)  
Function: tighten, buttocks lifting, massage and relaxation  
Suitable People: 
1.Along, sedentary, lack of workout worker. 
2.Housewives with tired daily chores. 
3.People who drive for a long time and have stiff muscle. 
4.People who want a better figure. 
5.People who need postpartum body shape. 

Notes: 2 sections of Number 5 batteries are not included 

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