• HIGH QUALITY BLADES - The stainless steel cutting head is hygienic for your skin, does not rust for permanent use. The blades of the razor blades are all made of self-abrasive material. You can keep the blades sharp. Even if they are operated for a long time, they do not generate heat.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL GROOMING KIT - Professional, interchangeable cutting heads for electric shavers. With a razor head, a hair trimmer head, a nose trimmer head, a facial cleansing brush head and a soft facial cleansing head that will meet your different needs.
  • 4D SHAVING DESIGN - With the 4D Shaving System, the cutting head can be more comfortable and comfortable to shave, and the blade can easily remove the short stubble. Shaving is so easy.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The built-in board and built-in professional battery are gold plated contacts. It significantly improves the performance and life of the machine and is conservatively estimated to last 10 years. With the currently popular direct charging dual charging technology, it is more luxurious and convenient for travel use.
  • INSIDE WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY - This razor allows you a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with shaving cream or gel in the shower. It is also quick and easy to clean

Multifunctional Electric Shaver

  • Suitable for dry and wet.

    Ergonomic design for added comfort.

    LED charge and discharge indicator design.

    Removable shaver head for easy cleaning and maintenance.

    Clean, safe and gentle cutting and forming.

    All washable body designs can be flushed directly with tap water to ensure safety and convenience.

    Floating knife net double ring shaving, closer to the roots, can quickly remove hair without damaging the skin.

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