• This Face recognition non-contact thermometer is easy to install and
  • deploy, widely used in commercial centers, industrial parks,

    transportation hubs, public, and other crowded places.

  • High temperature measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: ±0.2(34~45℃)

  • Red light flashes when the temperature is abnormal, Simple and clear, better know the health

  • The infrared non-contact measurement you don't need to take it in hands and reduces the risk of cross-infection

  • Respond quickly and large clear LCD screen with great readability which can reduce queue time

  • Easy for use and suitable for Office home supermarket community entrance

  • Automatic measurement: measuring distance 5cm ~ 10cm

  • Standby: About one week

  • Size: 170*115*140mm

  • Abnormal automatic alarm: flashing +"Di Di" sound

  • Screen: Digital display

  • Environment temperature: 10℃~40℃(Recommended 15℃~35℃)

  • Infrared measuring range: 0~50℃

Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

  • Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement K3 Forehead Thermometer with Fever Alarm for Office Home Supermarket School Community Entrance 

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