- The silicone part of the mask is made of food grade material. The environmentally friendly plastic material used in the entire body is safe and reliable.
- Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear without feeling of pressure, stainless steel inner wall, 360 degree anti-collision, elastic silicone.
- Built with internal turbo fan, 3 speed mode can be adjust , offer full fresh; Can filter out dust, cut off 98% of most particles, adsorb harmful odors.

Smart Air Purification Respirator

  • Input voltage: DC3.7V
    Rated power: 0.85W
    Charging time: 2 hours
    Life time: 4.5 hours
    Filter: Primary effect layer + HEPA + activated carbon layer
    Air volume: 3 files
    Noise: 28-35dB
    Dimensions: 102x88x68mm
    Power supply: USB
    Filter type: composite filter
    Material: PP
    Uses: anti-fog, anti-second-hand smoke, anti-pollen, anti-dust, anti-PM2.5 particles

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