Skin Spots Removal Pen

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This is a handy photon device for skin care. It is using the specific 415nm blue  
light in the visible light to kill the bacteria in the skin and pores;  
And the stability of the 42 degrees heat and BIO micro electric current can effectively reduce the grease of pimples so that to accelerate the natural die-off pimples. The scope of application is the acne and pimples on the face. 

Main Functions:
415nm blue LED light for acne removal
Loose skin tightening, pores shrinking, eliminate acne bacteria, it has a great effect on oily skin, severe allergic skin, and red spots.
42°warm treatment for lymph detoxification BIO current diminishes inflammation and reduces pain.

Battery:1 AA Battery(not include)
Product size:135 × 19 × 19mm
Product weight: 200g
Specifications: 19 * 139CM
Function: Acne Acne India
Stalls: 1 file
Color: white    
Voltage: DC1.5V
Current: 0.6A
Power: 0.9W
Host Weight: 100g
With the box: 200g
Product size: about 135 * 19 * 19mm
Color box size: about 192 * 90 * 42mm


Material: Plastic
Model Number: 0609031
False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
Brand Name: little dolphin
Type: Beauty Skin Care
Item Type: Blue Light Therapy Acne Laser Pen

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